Elevator Modernization - Upgrade and Replacement Choices

City Lift's modernization solutions are designed to ensure the continuous, efficient movement of passengers. Our reliable products and installation procedures are geared toward enhancing your elevator's dependability, performance, and visual appeal.

When to Consider Modernization

If your elevators are over a decade old, if your building's usage has evolved, if you've been receiving complaints, or if you're in competition with newer structures, it's time to explore City Lift's modernization solutions.


Key features & benefits

Reliability :
Replace older electromechanical systems with new technologies to improve reliability.

Performance :
Improve performance and achieve smoother rides with upgraded dispatching strategies and gentle door operation.

Safety :
Bring your system up to code compliance with new safety features.

Energy savings :
New energy-efficient components can help many older installations consume less energy and provide continuing savings year after year.

Security :
Security upgrades can help control unauthorized use of elevators or restrict access to selected floors.

Appearance :
Appearance means more than just a pretty face. Cab and fixtures upgrades can improve functionality, reliability and accessibility as well.

Accessibility :
Many improvements covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act can be introduced to your elevators. Often, these upgrades carry an appearance or performance benefit as well.


City Lift modernizes your elevators and escalators to align with your precise requirements. Through our distinctive services, you can experience


    Cutting-edge technology


    Reduced lead timesy


    Enhanced occupancy and leasing rates


    Minimal disruption to your building


    Cost-effective modernization options


    Improved performance, safety, and reliability

We provide modernization Services for LOW RISE | MID RISE | HIGH RISE

Low Rise Series

Mid Rise Series

High Rise Series

Elevator modernization enhances buildings, adding value, safety, efficiency, and reliability,
enticing potential buyers or tenants.