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Founded in Kunshan City in 2002, Koyo Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern elevator enterprise integrating elevator design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance. In December 2015, as a sponsor and partner of the South African government, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Mingfu, the company team participated in the Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation with President Xi Jinping. KOYO is also the only national brand elevator enterprise in the summit.

The company introduces Germany's most advanced elevator technology and adopts world-class production equipment. Adhering to Germany's exquisite manufacturing technology, the company combines the characteristics of Chinese traditional aesthetics and creates high-quality elevators in Kunshan production base for users at home and abroad. The company has obtained national double A elevator manufacturing and installation license, and passed the ISO9001 product quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 (OHSAS18001) and the European CE international system certification issued by the German TUV (Technischen Uberwachungs-Vereine). The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and one of the top ten well-known brand enterprises for its recognized product quality.



Nidec - making industrial history for over 100 years. In every industrial segment we address, our foremost intent is to provide exceptional value through products engineered to be the very best and through building lasting relationships with our customers and the communities we all live in. Nidec Elevator brings these traditional values to our partner companies in the global elevator market. There are several prominent names in the global industry. With respect, when you next think about elevators, we propose you think of Nidec first.

WHY NIDEC - Leading Manufacturing Company

Nidec Elevator provides flexible quality products and services, outstanding engineering capabilities, and a definite assurance to security and wellbeing of customers. Considered as a highly-qualified elevator manufacturer in the industry, Nidec Elevator continues to deliver top-notch products, most of which are currently installed in different iconic structures in the world such as airports, public buildings, residential, industrial and many more. We are striving to make Nidec Elevator a cost-friendly and preferred quality solution for vertical transportation needs of the global communities that we serve.Nidec Elevator is a part of Nidec America, Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motor (ACIM Group).


Samjung Tech has accumulated the best leading technology and experience and supplied the most convenient and highly efficient parking system to solve the parking problems in the metropolitan area. We also have a variety of models to pursue high reliability, durability and speeds based on our experience and know-how for a long period of time and provide a pleasant parking environment to our customer with rapid after-sale service.

  • Ele-parking
  • Cart parking
  • Box parking
  • Trolley parking
  • Translator parking
  • Puzzle parking
  • Rotary Parking
  • Car Lift
  • Free parking

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