Maintenance & Inspection Services

Flexible maintenance solutions to keep your business moving

For City Lifts – Elevators & Escalators

City Lift Service is committed to ensuring the continuous availability of your City Lifts, Elevators & Escalators. Our team of extensively trained technicians, backed by a worldwide network of maintenance specialists, is dedicated to minimizing service disruptions and ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment. If you require immediate assistance, please don't hesitate to contact

our 24-hour service hotline at +91 22 6902 0001.

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CITY LIFT – Services Benefits

Redefining Reliability Superior Responsiveness Meaningful Communication
Continual investments in technology As your partner, we are committed to knowing what you need and making sure you get it when you need it. We accomplish this through: The information you need, when you need it.
Online access to your service history through City Lift Server and database centre to see how your equipment is performing.
Improvements, resulting in 37% reduction in callbacks Structured maintenance routines to ensure consistent, reliable service Real-time dynamic scheduling to ensure the most efficient maintenance program 24/7 service on any brand of elevator or escalator to proactively monitor and identify potential issues and resolve them before they develop. Email notifications of notable events regarding callbacks, preventive maintenance and more
Annual seven-point safety inspections that surpass code requirements - 24/7 Customer Service Network connects you with our well-trained and professional call center associates who can notify a technician almost immediately of your emergency.
Over 50 hours of annual training for our service technicians - -
Service and repair expertise on all leading brands of equipment. - -

Elevator AMC ensures safety, reliability, and efficiency, benefiting society with secure vertical mobility and convenience.