Home Elevator

Home elevators serve as a means of vertical transportation within multi-story private villas, bungalows, and similar residences. These elevators are especially valuable for facilitating the mobility of individuals with disabilities.

The home elevators are equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system and an advanced control system to ensure a seamless and smooth travel experience. Notably, they utilize a holeless indirect hydraulic system for efficient operation.

These hydraulic lifts offer flexibility in terms of power sources, with two options available: single-phase and three-phase, depending on the availability of power at the installation site.

Home Elevator

Bungalow Lifts

These lifts are currently in vogue and are commonly installed in bungalows. They serve as excellent solutions for individuals with physical challenges and feature advanced mechanics and contemporary designs. We manufacture top-tier bungalow lifts that come equipped with exclusive features and secure functions, ensuring ease of use for everyone. Safety is our paramount concern, and we implement comprehensive safety measures to provide complete security for these lifts.

Duplex Flat Lifts

Promising and highly practical, these lifts are tailored for duplex flats and are especially beneficial for the elderly and those with mobility limitations. We have designed these lifts to be user-friendly and easy to install in flats without any complications. Safety and reliability are core attributes of our duplex flat lifts, featuring secure and effortless operation. Moreover, we offer customization options to align with our clients' specific requirements.

Home Elevator
  • Available Rated Speed 0.30 MPS
  • Max Travel Height 12 M
  • Available Rated Capacity 300 / 450 Kgs
  • Max Passengers 4 / 6 Passengers

Technical Specification

  • Hydraulic System
  • Full Collective Control System
  • Heavy Duty Auto Rescue Device for evacuation in Case of Power Outage
  • Voice Announcement System
  • Emergency Alarm / Light
  • CCTV Camera Ready
  • Building Management System Hub (Optional)
  • Power Operated Doors with Full Length Sensor
  • Safe Landing System
  • Overload Indicator
  • Decorative Fixtures
  • Intercom - Between Cabin and Service Floor Lobby
  • Fire Switch


Safe & Reliable

Smooth Ride

Energy Efficient

Environment Friendly

Guaranteed uptime of 99.0% for the First 3 Years.

Lots of Options for Interiors and Fixtures

Backed by the City Lifts Clouds

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