• Car elevators are considered the optimal method for transferring cars or automobiles between floors efficiently.
  • This mid-speed car elevator is designed to accommodate buildings with up to 10 stops, catering to low to medium traffic conditions effectively.
  • Vertical movement of cars is essential in residential and commercial projects featuring multiple levels of parking or in automobile showrooms and repair centers with several floors.
  • These car elevators are equipped with a machine room located on top of the lift shaft to house machine and control equipment.
  • Power-operated doors are installed for seamless entry and exit convenience.
  • We offer tailored solutions for car lift requirements utilizing cutting-edge technology :

    Hydraulic Technology


    Ensuring smooth and noise-free operation


    Fast and responsive customer service.


    Traction Technology


    High reliability and low maintenance requirements


    Various interior options to suit specific needs


    A skilled technical maintenance team to ensure optimal performance

  • Available Rated Speed 0.50 / 0.75 MPS
  • Max Travel Height 30 M
  • Available Rated Capacity 2500 / 3000 / 4000 Kgs
  • Max Passengers No Passengers

Technical Specification

  • Heavy Duty Geared Machine
  • Full Collective Control System with Blue Drive and Duplex Ready
  • Safe Landing System
  • Overload Indicator
  • Emergency Alarm / Light
  • Fire Switch
  • Manual or Power Operated Doors with Full Length Sensor
  • Direct to Floor Landing System
  • Heavy Duty Auto Rescue Device for evacuation in Case of Power Outage
  • Heavy Duty Vandal proof Fixtures
  • Intercom - Between Cabin and Service Floor Lobby
  • Building Management System Hub (Optional)


Safe & Reliable

Smooth Ride

Energy Efficient

Environment Friendly

Guaranteed uptime of 99.0% for the First 3 Years.

Lots of Options for Interiors and Fixtures

Backed by the City Lifts Clouds

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