Hassle-free installation from start to finish

Our job is to make your job easier. We make sure everything is in place for a smooth, trouble-free elevator installation process to keep your project on schedule and on budget, with no surprises.

Meticulous Planning

Getting everything done on time and on budget relies on rock-solid preparation. Proper planning helps us make sure we can do our work as efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively as possible to keep your project on the fast track to success.


Site Readiness

To make sure everything we need is in place before we begin installation, we can monitor and report the readiness state of the site. This involves checking the status of the following critical items:


    Elevator shaft condition
    The shaft should be clean, dry, and free of debris.


    Lifting points
    Hoisting beams, lifting eyes, and ventilation ducts must be in place, as specified in the building plans to avoid costly delays to the building process.


    Material storage
    A clean, dry 50 m2 storage space must be provided on the ground floor of the building, close to the shaft and with clear access.


    Entrance protection
    All entrances to the shaft are protected by full-height protection to prevent personnel from falling in.


    Power supply
    A 3-phase power supply for the installation hoist and the elevator must be installed.

Streamlined Installation

At City Lift, our foremost objective during equipment installation is to maintain a neat and efficient process, ensuring all personnel can carry out their tasks safely and within the set timeline. Our elevator installation procedure, unlike many, doesn't necessitate scaffolding, resulting in cost savings and reduced interference with concurrent construction activities on-site.

Safety is our paramount concern. Every member of our installation team undergoes regular safety training and participates in safety audits to assess and enhance their work practices.

Furthermore, our installation practices are environmentally conscientious. We diligently sort and recycle all waste materials and limit the use of potentially harmful substances like solvents. This ensures that our process aligns with eco-friendly standards, contributing to a sustainable approach in our operations.

Streamlined Installation
Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Prior to handing over your newly installed elevator, we go to great lengths to ensure that you receive a high-quality solution that operates flawlessly from day one. This meticulous process involves conducting ride quality tests on every elevator we install, and we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the outcomes.

For long-term elevator maintenance, City Lift offers elevators equipped with City Lift 24/7 Connected Services, enabling us to leverage equipment data to promptly identify and resolve potential issues before they lead to breakdowns or service disruptions.

Recognizing that every project and building is unique, we steer away from a one-size-fits-all approach to maintenance. When you select City Lift as your maintenance partner, you can expect a tailored maintenance plan for each piece of equipment in your building.

Furthermore, you gain access to performance, maintenance, breakdown, and repair data for your equipment through our convenient City Lift Online service.

City Lifts installation methods and safety protocols for a secure environment. Elevate knowledge for a safer tomorrow.