Elevator Special Features

Energy Efficient Elevators

Gearless drives:

Adoption of PMSM motor with inverter (IPM) control will save energy up to 30 % over geared drives.

Adoption of Dispersion Control System:

That’s why there are little wiring in the hoist way and control boards. Can save a lot of time because of its simplicity In the process of installation, maintenance.

Adoption of roller guides:

Use of roller guides will eliminate lubrication & minimizing fire hazards.

Re Gen (Energy saving control system):

Adopting the high-quality IPM, But high-speed DSP chip on the main board can regenerate the high-quality of the electric power. Basically it returns regenerated energy from motor into the buildings internal power network for re-use.Not only realization of the function for energy regeneration but also,improvement of noise, vibration and Ride Comfort Enhancement.

Adoption of LED lights:

It is more efficient and energy saving.


  • Saving energy, the protection of the environment matching with PMSM and saving 58% energy
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Suitable for gearless motor that consumes 50% less power
  • Adopted the newest IPM and main board
  • 100% energy regeneration under motoring condition as well as regeneration condition
  • Adopted high efficient EMI noise filter, more clean feedback energy

Elevator Special Feature

Group Control Feature

  • Group of car : 8car
  • Hall button connector : 1-8
  • Hall Call : max 8
  • Operator : Built in operator - no extra operator needed
  • Control method : Self- learning function.
  • Auto disperse waiting function
  • Manual disperse waiting function
  • Add starting floor function
  • Emergency power operation function
  • Automatic homing to main floor function
  • VIP function
  • Support all Indicators ( handicapped UP, Down Hall call, Available to adopt Lantern board)
  • Group lantern forecast function

Dispatch System

Destination Assignment System

  • This offers passengers fastest elevator after assignment
  • Passengers input their destination floor at lobby,and do not need additional registration in a car


  • Passenger enter destination floor on touch screen prior to entering elevator and it indicates assigned elevator.
  • No need to register floor buttons in elevator
  • System continuously detects registered departure and destination floor for highest efficiency.


  • Reduced waiting time.
  • Reduced travel time
  • Reduced number of stops.
  • Energy saving.
  • High security.
  • Predictable full car.
  • Equal service.

Elevator Special Feature